“Lonyx”, strong smells specialist since 2014


If this website is open since august 2015, I use to sell my used underwears to other guys for a few years. I discovered that thanks to serendipity and I started to like it. Selling old briefs and boxers let me buy other boxers and briefs I love. And so, I can propose you much stuff…


For 4 years, I learned things and changed some things. Now, I don’t wear anymore my underwears for only 1 day. Wearing them for some days creates a nice and horny smell, and I love to know that this smell may be sent to another guy to blow his nose.

Now, I don’t use tissues anymore. When I’m jacking, only my old undies could receive my cum. These undies-cumrag are other smell stuff.


At the beginning, I only used to sell to French and Belgian guys. Today, you are from the whole world, especially from the US, the UK, Switzerland and Australia. I find it very exciting. Thank you !

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