Questions you use to ask find their answer here.


What condition are the undies you sell ?

It varies ! Nothing is new here. All is worn and not washed male underwears, to offer you good and strong smells. Each underwear is worn 3-4 days before shipping. It could be in a very good condition or very used. In this last case, I notify it. Socks, briefs and boxers can be flavored with cum, upon request.

I would love to buy something… that you don’t propose.

So tell me what you want, and I will see.


How are packaged the items ?

Each item is put inside a zippered bag, without air. Then, the pack is put into a kraft envelope, closed with scotch tape, to avoid it opens during the transport.


What delivery way do you use ?

Each order is shipped in “international priority letter”, using the postal services. You would have to wait about 1-2 weeks during the preparation, and 1-10 days for the sipping.

Is there shipping fees ?


I don’t live in France. Can I buy you something ?

Yes, you can. I ship worldwide.

Do you accept returns ?

Non, I can’t accept returns. If you have got a problem with your order, tell me.


How to pay my order ?

You can with Paypal, which accept credit cards. You don’t need to create any account on Paypal to pay your order. I also accept Amazon vouchers.

Is there some fees to pay ?

Not by you. Paypal apply some fees, but I pay them.

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