Boxers portés à vendre

Boxers sales, slips odorants, caleçons portés et non lavés… Avoue-le, l’idée de sniffer les sous-vêtements d’autres mecs t’excite. Toi-même, tu as tendance à porter tes calbuts plus longtemps que la durée réglementaire pour profiter de l’odeur que dégage ton entrejambe. Et s’il y avait des boxers portés à vendre ? Une odeur excitante qui te … Lire la suite

Winter is cumming

This summer, I offered you free live shows, for each order upper than 30 €. But summer is over, and winter has already come. This offer is now finished, but I decided to do a new surprise. Using the coupon COMBO, you’ll have the live show at 5 € (before : 20 €), for each … Lire la suite

What’s up ?

Just an new post to tell you about some news on the site. First, you’ll find some discounts in my shop during a month. Then, maybe you have seen the new block in the left sidebar. There, you can tell me what it missing in my shop. Tell it to me quickly and easily. You … Lire la suite

Lush : take the control !

I propose you special Skype sessions, whene you’ll take control my ass, actually the toy that is inside, thanks to your phone. Special availabilities, this week : mercredi, jeudi, vendredi : 9h-12h / 14h-16-30 (French time) Samedi : 9h-12h / 14h-22h30 (French time) dimanche : 9h-12h / 14h-19h (French time) You can convert French time … Lire la suite


I have created un little poll, very short (9 questions), to let you tell me what you think about this website, how I could improve it. It is an anonymous poll, but you can let me you email adress if you want, in the last question. Thanks to take a minute to answer it. It’s … Lire la suite